Matti Bauer documentaries

serenity and dedication

Matti Bauer studied cultural anthropology at the LMU in Munich. After two years of field research in Amazonia and Central Brazil he began writing as a freelance author for magazines and broadcast companies and worked as an editor of more than 30 documentaries. He began directing his own films in 1993, focussing on the people of Bavaria, anthropological film essays and music documentaries, most of them produced by Tangram, the production company of his brother Christian Bauer. His feature-length documentary on the Domspatzen, the famous boys choir in Regensburg, won the Bayerischer Fernsehpreis 2009. Matti Bauer lives in Munich, Germany.

His film STILL tells the story of a young farm woman in the Bavarian Highlands. Theatrical release was in june 2014. STILL is available as DVD.

THE BRAZILIANIST is a film in development. 30 years after bis research among the Karajá and Javaé in Brazil. Bauer travels back to those he had planned to "study". Why he failed in doing this and what happened to the indigenas is the subject of this film. Have a look into this exciting project.